As I read yesterday I was energized in familiar ways and I knew that things would begin to happen in sometimes surprising ways pretty quickly. That’s what happens when you fine tune your alignment in any part of your life — things begin to happen seemingly out of nowhere and often in surprising ways, and in other parts of your life as well. Be a bit more intentional about your work, and suddenly the same sort of energy seems to bleed over to relationships, or downtime, or health. It’s uncanny, but it happens every time. I’ve learned to just accept it without question, smiling to myself in those knowing moments of, “I created this even though I wasn’t focused on it!”

In my case the first smile came when I stumbled upon a website for a local Toyota repair shop ( The website embodied exactly what I was reading about, right down to having a page of shops they recommended for work that they do not do themselves. I went this morning and left feeling like I had made new friends (another principle from the book) and that I had been treated fairly, with respect, and at a price that was more than reasonable for the service I received. I actually look forward to going back when my Prius has the need!

I highly recommend Attracting Perfect Customers whether you have your own business or work for someone else, and I also highly recommend Toy Auto Man here in Santa Fe if you’re local and have the need.

But what I recommend most is that you take a little time this new year and check out your alignment in some aspect of your life that seems like an easy mark — Are you doing the work you love, in just the way you love doing it? Is your relationship perfect for you in this moment? Are you feeling your best? (remember, how you ‘feel’ is 100% under your control!) Are you doing everything you do with passion? (And if not, why are you doing those things?!)

Take a look and pick the one thing that jumps most out at you. Then look for ways to tweak that area; do little things to bring you into better alignment with who you really are in that part of your life.

Hint, who you really are is usually best represented by your fantasy of how you would like to be; it’s not a fantasy, folks it is your Source coming through! It’s the end game. The way that you will recognize that you have arrived!

And then play a little game: Agree to just notice how much better that part of your life becomes and how things in other areas of your life, as if by magic, begin to shift into better alignment as well.

With Blessings and Gratitude,
from Santa Fe, New Mexico

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