Didn’t get what you wanted yesterday? Great! Fine tune, and keep on keepin’ on!

One of the most common questions that I get in my practice is, “Well, I am doing everything that we talked about and I’m still not getting what I want. What gives?” Good question! And a pretty easy answer.

Working with Law of Attraction (the Law is always working after all, but we don’t always work with it) is all about lining things up. When there is alignment, manifesting happens. Always. Every time. Doing certain things to line up with the object of your intention is part of it, focusing on things is part of it, and getting out of the way is part of it. Most of us are pretty good about doing things when we set our minds to them. We’re pretty good at focusing too…when we remember. (guilty!) What I find we’re less good at is getting out of the way.

So let’s say that you are setting an intention to bring in new perfect customers to your own business or at your job where you stand to benefit directly when it happens; maybe you will get a recruitment bonus. Let’s use the example of your own business for now and you can tweak it a bit if the other — or any other — scenario speaks more to you. There are three basic steps:

1) Set a clear intention and write it down. Something like, “I love working with the 5 new perfect clients I attracted this week; they are ready, willing, and able to commit the resources necessary to allow giant shifts in their life!”

Great intention! It’s clear, it’s in the present (i.e., you’ve framed your intention as if it has already happened), and it’s got some fire in it — it has energy! So you’ve got your intention just right for now. What’s next?

2) Focus on your intention. The biggest mistake most of us make is believing that focusing is a mental process. Better though, real, or complete, focusing involves every one of the senses that we can muster up in our situation. So in our case we’re going to conjure up our intention in our mind, we’re going to see the interaction with one or more of these perfect customers, we’re going to role play conversations with them out loud so we can hear them, and maybe we will even attach to some awareness of how these perfect clients smell! (remember, they are perfect customers :-))

Sound hokey? Maybe. But the more ways that you can attach to your intentions, the more powerful they are.

For one, if you make your intention multisensorial the experience becomes more complete and intention loves nothing more than the best acting as-if that you can manage. Second, not everyone prefers the same sensory attachments: I’m not a great visualizer but I can have conversations out loud all day long. The more senses you call into play, the better the chance that you are going to be very, very good at at least one of them and that it will be the key to your manifestation.

And next? Perhaps the hardest part of all.

3) Get OUT of the way! If there is anything universal about the manifesting process it is that we tend to get so obsessed with getting what we want, until we fizzle out from discouragement, that we can’t step away from it to let it in! If you’re standing in the doorway, how do your perfect customer come through?

Instead, consider taking what I call a “fluid structured” approach. Agree to spend some time with your intention every day. That will keep it alive. But be flexible as to when and how much time. As much as possible, spend time with your intention “when spirit moves you.” When the thought crosses your mind, do it! Otherwise, get on with your life. You have plenty else to do. By the way, alignment is alignment. If you are busy doing other things that you already do perfectly well, that contributes to an air of perfect energy in your life and creates a great environment for your perfect customers to come in and thrive!

Manifestations through intentions are not so elusive as most of us experience them to be. But there is order in the laws of the universe. The intentional process, through law of attraction, works in a certain way. Unconsciously we tap into that and manifest things all day long, usually unbeknownst to us. When we want to harness its power though, and manifest the things that we want to intend, then we have to follow a process to line ourselves up with it, a process that was prescribed eons ago and has been working every time ever since.

And one last thing — see everything that begins to happen, and I do mean everything, as part of that lining up process. If for instance you start to lose customers as you get going, give thanks that your intention for perfect customers is working! After all, physical and energetic space must be cleared for the perfect customers who are showing up. And there is a very good chance that if you are not lined up already you have many customers who are not perfect customers taking your perfect customers’ spots. Those who are not perfect customers will go.

Happy Manifesting!

With Blessings and Gratitude,
from Santa Fe, New Mexico

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