I’m beginning a bittersweet journey as I drive the 2000 or so miles from Santa Fe to South Florida to gather what I would like to keep of my parents’ condo belongings before it sells ‘as is’ next month.  When my dad transitioned while he was there a couple of years ago my mom decided that she would not return.  And she has not.  Now it is time for her to release the burden of keeping a home that she will not see again.

It’s the end of an era for me, really.  Starting 52 years ago I vacationed in SoFL every year with my family.  As I got older I did so even more frequently on my own.  I am also blessed to have lived in SoFL twice.  It is where A Life Aligned was born.  I’ll always remember how two of my closest friends and I were greeted by three dolphins the night of our arrival the last time I moved to SoFL.  I wrote about that experience in A Life Aligned as well.  And now, for the first time in my life, I no longer have a place there to call my own; a home.

But there’s something joyous about all this as well!  As I ponder the memories and consider my fantasies for the future — some of which may no longer be possible because I painted the pictures so rigidly — I know that moving on from this particular way of experiencing SoFL opens up my energy for any number of new possibilities, whether they be connected to SoFL or not.  What I am coming to understand is this:  I cannot know what could be without making room for it to show up.

It is tempting to want to hold on to what is familiar, especially when everything about it has been good.  But I also know that as long as my hands are full I cannot open them to receive.  It is the receiving that I anticipate now; receiving through releasing.  New dreams to be revealed.  New possibilities.  Endless opportunities.  Growth.  Abundance.  The chance to create my own legacy wherever and whatever it may be, rather than living off a wonderful gift that was lovingly created by someone else.  It feels sad on so many levels, but incredibly exciting at the same time.

So my friend, whether it be a home as in my case, or a relationship of any kind, or a material something, or even an idea held dear, it is only in the letting go that a new potential can be realized.  Is there something that you might let go of today in order to come ever closer to the greatest expression of who you really are?

With Blessings and Gratitude,
from Santa Fe, New Mexico

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