I, like many in my area, grew up in a family of secrets. Being in a primarily Italian and Jewish neighborhood the secrets just added to the drama of day-to-day life. Mostly under the guise of “white lies” the snippets of omissions and outright lies were usually well-intentioned if misguided. “Your father doesn’t need to know.” “It would give your grandmother a heart attack.” If you tell your sister while we’re still alive we’ll kill you.” (more…)

Now What?

How often have you been faced with a situation or otherwise come to a place in your life and found yourself reflecting on how you got there, what led you to it, and even blaming yourself or others in your attempts to have it all figured out? If you are like me it seems rather natural to do these things; we humans are inquisitive and we like to think that a clear understanding of things that happen to us is important.  (more…)

The past five days have been rather tumultuous to say the least. And as most upheavals will do, the events have affected my personal as well as business selves. For some time now I have felt called to make a clearer statement about my true intentions for my work. I’m fortunate to be in a work setting that is quite integrated with who I am; indeed, sometimes I have a hard time separating the two. So when something is amiss in one, the other is usually affected. (more…)