Like most of us I sometimes find it hard to find my inspiration. Today is a good example as I accomplish “busy work” but make no progress on some things that I really need to get done. It is frustrating and adds more pressure, and for me that pressure makes it even more difficult to make strides where I need to.

I have learned that joining the resistance can often be my best way out of feeling stuck. So, despite feeling like a break was the last thing I needed I took a break and pondered what might be happening, why inspiration seemed so elusive. I poured a glass of wine (never fails!) and then I took some time to read about the word, Inspiration, on the internet. (more…)

I was first gifted with an introduction to “La Peña” in 2014 when I travelled to México to officiate Carlos’ and Victor’s wedding. A friend-to-be took a group of us on a trip to Bernal and we had breakfast at a hotel whose dining room overlooked the rock. I remember being intrigued by her mystery and awed by her majesty. Something has drawn me back for a few more visits and La Peña has become by go-to for inspiration when I am in Querétaro. I particularly love the fly-bys when landing and departing the airport. (more…)


These can seem like dark days indeed. In the United States a president has been appointed and in just eight months our greatest fears are manifesting as his divisiveness and disregard for his people are beginning to unfold. There are earthquakes in Mexico and elsewhere; Popocatépetl sent ash a mile high yesterday; hurricanes and typhoons are becoming weekly occurrences and with unprecedented intensity; the list goes on. Each of these has happened before of course but it hard to feel like their co-occurrence is anything but the Universe upping the ante in its attempts to support us in growing through the hardships and fears and uncertainties we feel. The Universe never allows a hardship without a greater opportunity. It is up to us, however, to see it and embrace it. Even today, you see, you have free choice in how you will respond. (more…)